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Cutting fabric

e l o d i s i



In process of cutting the fabric! A little sneak peak of what you can expect!

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It’s ME!!


Well hello everyone!

My name is Christin

I’m a mess

This is some of the work that I have done recently.


I love traditional African prints and combining them together to create something new. I love doing more Western and simple silhouettes with the Ankara fabrics to just sort of compliment the two different styes together. I am still very into Shingo Sato’s work and the way he manipulates his patterns and fabrics to give shape and adds an illusion. I am also inspired by David Tlale, Boxing Kitten, Duro Olowu, and House of Nwocha. These are are designers who use the Ankara in new and inventive ways. I feel that adding the Shingo way of doing things will for sure give me an edge I think.

My inspiration for my collection is based on sharks. I decided on doing research and I figured out which Sharks I want and how to incorporate it into the looks that I plan on doing. I plan on doing a whole lot of things. Like a lot of pieces. I plan on not sleeping or eating until the end of the show. And I hope who ever I work with is willing to do the same.



Don’t judge me if anything is spelled wrong!


Here is my Power Point Portion of my Entry.



Im Ready?

I dont wanna spill the beans or anything but I think I got this now. 15 pieces total! at first I was nervous about it, but now I think I got a handle on it. Just got finish this quarter with out pulling out any hair and I think I can do this. Next quarter is the one I’ve been waiting on and I’m ready to get started and be done with it all. Got my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. I believe in myself and my team and think we got this. 2013 is gonna be my year! . .  I’ll share it of course but more mine than anyone else  ;D

When are you done?

Im getting ready start building and constructing my senior line, but i have no clue when done is really done. i havent yet finished designing and thinking so i cant go to the next step so im wondering when are you done? when is what you think you have completed really complete. at what point could i just look at something and feel complete. i feel like i should scrap some ideals and start over. but how many times should i do that. so im partially confused. i want to showcase everything that i can do and do well but how many pieces is that.

And another



I thought this whole time that i was making post. i guess not. her are the last one that i have worked on. im gonna get my life together so that i can figure things out.ImageImage

Time sure does fly

Not quite sure why it took so long to get the juices back but they are. I need to just put some stuff out there real quick like. But its gonna happen.


Shark Week

I know I’m early. Like ridiculously early. But I am inspired. I don’t quite know how the execution is going to work out and everything but I am officially ready to start.
I want to do a line based on sharks. Once again not quite sure how this is going to go down, I just know that it will. Its too soon to say. Imma work it out though.
I’m quite convinced that this will indeed be


Optic Illusions

Shingo Sato is the designer that I am inspired by directly. The way he manipulates the lines and patterns are what really intrigues me. His ability to remove the darts is something that I want to get in to. My artist is Craig Tracy.  He directly paints on the body to create optical illusions, some of the same illusions that Sato uses. I plan to use all the fabric I have at home. Mostly my traditional fabric, wool, and maybe some denim that I have. The other idea is to knit in the designs and use a yarn that looks like it has texture.

I think I accomplished what I wanted to. I am going to do more in the future and plan a little better of course!