by Christin Disi

Over the summer I went Etsy and YouTube berserk! I went knit and crochet crazy. Learned how to make bows and some beanies and things. One of the things that I really wanted to get into is fabric covered button earrings. I have a bunch of material that want to cover them with. I had the buttons, but I didn’t have the little doohickey earring post. It took me for ever to find them. . .  and took just as long for them to get to me.

The wait is over they have finally arrived. I was so excited I made three pair so far. Don’t really have enough time on my hands with school and the what nots to keep going, but gosh darn it I will! I used some Ankara fabrics. Its a batik. I really like it. I guess I can sell them like the bows. I have one more thats not in the pic so use your imagination!

Crapy picture, but thats what I get for taking it with my phone!