by Christin Disi

Okay. So I know I said the Dolman was kind of difficult . . . But this skirt is something else. I don’t hate anything or anyone, but if I did it would Spiders, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, —>That Darn Skirt<— , and Fluffy Kittens (Not a cat person! . . . jk in a serious way).  That pattern looked so simple from the demo we got in class. I went into that head first and got put out on my BUTT! It took forever.


First off class ends at 10:30 am. I left at 1:30 (angry face). I got it done though. Came to school the next day with the intentions to just blow that thing out the water. Be done 2 hours tops. NOPE. Im still not finished. Well I just have to get to the hem, but I’ll get to that later. Lets start with the waist band. It doesn’t even meet in the back. Plain and simple. Horrible. Just bad. The actual skirt. BEAUTIFUL! The pleats are gorgeous. The darts in the back adorable! What’s the problem you ask? Why am I so upset with the outcome? Its like 3 sizes too BIG!

I did everything right. I think. I mean like seriously. Okay I did go to the bookstore to get tape while she was doing the sewing demo, but GOSH. I shouldn’t have been that far off right? Well it was. And Idk what to do about it either. Now for this hem. Jessica, Lisa, and I were joking about how their is always that one person who is an over achiever in every class. . . May be its me. Idk. We were just supposed to just sew the hem on the machine. Im gonna do it by hand. It would just hurt my heart to turn it in without it. I’m done complaining. This is like 300 words. Or something like that. Oh well.


Until next time folks!