by Christin Disi

I plan to make a sort of mock turtleneck princess seam dress. I got the idea from the Mr. and Mrs. Tea Pot sculptures. Mrs. Tea Pot looked as if she was wearing a turtle neck. She was very shapely so I decided to go for something for a more shapely figure. I also was inspired by the yellow tea set at the entrance. I like the the way the color looks. It looks as if it was sponged on.
I plan on using
pg. 55 – Combining the bodice and the skirt
pg. 200 – Princess Armhole
pg. 239 – Built – Up Funnel Neck
pg. 282 – Basic A-Line Skirt or
pg. 293 – Circle Skirt or
pg. 310 – Six Gore Skirt
These are the inspiration pictures.
This is a little something i came up with. I just used 2 random colors to show the two different sections i havent really decided which fabrics go where just yet .
I cant wait to get started!!!!