Suits for the Housewife

by Christin Disi

When I initially heard the project. I had no clue what I wanted to do. Finally I decided to change the roles of the person who wore the suit. My mind took me to the ’50’s. In my mind i saw a man come home and his wife greeted him at the door with a stiff drink and a kiss. Okay I know my imagination is so far stretched. I mean like I wasn’t there, but for some reason I feel like it went something like that. Probably not.

So for the project I figure if the husband had a work suit then the wife has one too! In my mind I am making the ultimate “Housewife” suit. Women at the time worked at home and if we lived in a perfectly formal world she would not stay in her pajamas or house robe all day, she would put on her Housewife suit. . . I am going to work on that name.

So the plan is to make a very simple modest, but in a way very sexy dress. The assignment said to use 3 zippers some how, I will use four in the dress. . .  Well 5. The las one is going to be functional. I also plan to make some sort of Pinafore. I would also like to add one last zipper on the pinafore as well.


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