Changes David Bowie

by Christin Disi

If I could set my life to music David Bowies’ Changes would definitely be on there just for the hook of course. As I stated before;

“I figure if the husband had a work suit then the wife has one too! In my mind I am making the ultimate “Housewife” suit. Women at the time worked at home and if we lived in a perfectly formal world she would not stay in her pajamas or house robe all day, she would put on her Housewife suit. . . I am going to work on that name.”

And I worked on the name. . . Sort of. Facebook voted and with a score of 16 votes “House Suit” won! In the end I created a Pinafore that

should cover the need of every Housewife. Its cute and  functional. It can go on top of just about anything and will protect against tough


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