You wanna get in my pants!??

by Christin Disi

For the interconnected project we decided to go for a design that was completely ridiculous. Once we read over all the requirments we decided to use tarp as our industrial fabric and we knew we wanted to use hula hoops. We went for a fisher pant look with the hula hoop being the top and open so one size fits all. I recently saw the play 1984 based on the book 1984 and it inspired us to have the feet connecteing front to back so that it gives that uniform look and order while looking completely fun and not at all strict. 

Our concept for getting people into our project was the catch phrase, “would you like to get in our pants?” Combined with trying to make being in our pants a fun experience. We want to do dances such as cupid shuffle and a conga line ad just let people have a good time and enjoy being in our pants.

For the collaborating we both came up with the design and splited the patterned of the pants and feet between the two of us, and the sewing as well. Overall it was a great experience and our interconnected garment ended up connecting people with us in a dance and attempting to walk experience.