by Christin Disi

I think what I’m going for with this is more of a goddess sort of feel. My favorite goddess is Nike. I like her look, but others intrigue me just as much. The goddess of Democracy is pretty awesome and well known. Athena is cool too. I am kind of struggling. I don’t want for this to end up looking like a period piece or costume. I really want to use muslin it has sort of a old time rustic raw vibe thing happening with it but of course I have not a clue which dress I will actually make just yet so I don’t know if I will just use the muslin only or maybe a not so loud african print. I don’t know. I really want to play with Tea and Coffee to dye it. I want to go to the $0.99 store and buy a bunch or Cranberry tea and see what happens.





She has natural beauty

quite simple really

free flowing

practically floating

care free