It’s ME!!

by Christin Disi


Well hello everyone!

My name is Christin

I’m a mess

This is some of the work that I have done recently.


I love traditional African prints and combining them together to create something new. I love doing more Western and simple silhouettes with the Ankara fabrics to just sort of compliment the two different styes together. I am still very into Shingo Sato’s work and the way he manipulates his patterns and fabrics to give shape and adds an illusion. I am also inspired by David Tlale, Boxing Kitten, Duro Olowu, and House of Nwocha. These are are designers who use the Ankara in new and inventive ways. I feel that adding the Shingo way of doing things will for sure give me an edge I think.

My inspiration for my collection is based on sharks. I decided on doing research and I figured out which Sharks I want and how to incorporate it into the looks that I plan on doing. I plan on doing a whole lot of things. Like a lot of pieces. I plan on not sleeping or eating until the end of the show. And I hope who ever I work with is willing to do the same.



Don’t judge me if anything is spelled wrong!