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And The Countdown Begins

The last few days of school is coming to an end and boy am I excited. I think I’m disconnected in a way. I am glad the quarter is almost over, but I am extremely way too tired to be happy about it. I feel like thursday and friday of next week I’ll be in bed all day. That still won’t account for all those hours of sleep missed.
Other than that. I cannot wait for monday my dress is beyond awesome. I think so at least. I’m am so proud of myself. I can’t believe I actually did that. On my own. By myself. I think I’m going to get tags made for myself and start adding it to all of my projects. I’m gonna stop writing now and googling or maybe start hugling. . . . LOL


Just Letting It Happen •Sigh•

I made my pattern had a few slip ups nothing more than 1/4 of an inch can’t fix. Went to sew my muslin and that’s when it happened. NOTE: always lay you pieces out before putting them together. I flipped one piece the wrong way and one again I ended up with two right arms. -_- Yeah. All bad. My teacher walked in and with her great Jedi mind tricks got me to do some cool stuff to it so I will have to get back on illustrator to get another drawing up.
I had to flip one side inside out to put it completely on the dress form and got convinced to just sew it up anyway. This should be fun times.
Oh well. I’m learning.

Oh My Gosh

Oh my. I am beyond stressed. This thing is getting to me. A huge challenge that I can’t wait to overcome. I finished the pattern pieces now its just sewing it together. I have some panels sewn together but now there is a whole bunch of shenanigans happening. One day at a time. I do I have a couple more weeks to get it together. Sure hope it comes together. But I think I will take it slow for a second. Don’t want to burn myself out.

I Fudged Up

I lost the tiny pieces yet again to my patterns. I guess I am just. Anti small pieces. I didn’t even get a chance to make the whole shirt. I did half. Its not like I haven’t done one before. My sleeve, I think I messed up on that forever ago and its just now affecting me. Oh well we shall see how this day goes.


I plan to make a sort of mock turtleneck princess seam dress. I got the idea from the Mr. and Mrs. Tea Pot sculptures. Mrs. Tea Pot looked as if she was wearing a turtle neck. She was very shapely so I decided to go for something for a more shapely figure. I also was inspired by the yellow tea set at the entrance. I like the the way the color looks. It looks as if it was sponged on.
I plan on using
pg. 55 – Combining the bodice and the skirt
pg. 200 – Princess Armhole
pg. 239 – Built – Up Funnel Neck
pg. 282 – Basic A-Line Skirt or
pg. 293 – Circle Skirt or
pg. 310 – Six Gore Skirt
These are the inspiration pictures.
This is a little something i came up with. I just used 2 random colors to show the two different sections i havent really decided which fabrics go where just yet .
I cant wait to get started!!!!


I feel like a bad student. I didn’t do any homework yet. I was actually hoping that the homework fairy would come and do my homework for me tonight. Although its not due until wednesday it would still be awesome for it to be done now.
The shirt isn’t hard to do as of yet at least. I can wait to do it. I think I will add the fusing in there I have some left over from a project I did over the summer.
Well until then I will wait for Jannelle Monae to start and enjoy another cocktail and maybe do some drunk patterning.


Raglan Wrap Bias Dress

Can you say handful. This wasn’t too complicated but it was a lot. A lot of paper, waste, and headache. . . . Yeah all of that. I finished the whole thing pretty darn proud of my self. Forgot to take pics.


I am so done with this dress. I’m excited better pictures coming soon maybe on the form. Didn’t do the hem yet but I will get to it. . . Eventually.

Almost Done

I am feeling so good right now. This is the least amount of left over fabric ever. Its quite exciting actually. I can’t wait to put the dress together, but I am dreading that darn zipper.

Oh well off to see the Beatrice Woods exhibit. This should be fun. Right?!

Princess Seam

Things that are so beautiful never come so easy. The princess seam looked like a breeze. And it was. That strapless part. Not so much. Nothing matched the way it was supposed to. It was all my fault too. First I wrote the wrong numbers down and then listened to the person next to me THEN left my notebook who knows where and so everything got jumbled up. I got it now. I like it too.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that its going to kill my weekend.