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When are you done?

Im getting ready start building and constructing my senior line, but i have no clue when done is really done. i havent yet finished designing and thinking so i cant go to the next step so im wondering when are you done? when is what you think you have completed really complete. at what point could i just look at something and feel complete. i feel like i should scrap some ideals and start over. but how many times should i do that. so im partially confused. i want to showcase everything that i can do and do well but how many pieces is that.

And another


Time sure does fly

Not quite sure why it took so long to get the juices back but they are. I need to just put some stuff out there real quick like. But its gonna happen.


Shark Week

I know I’m early. Like ridiculously early. But I am inspired. I don’t quite know how the execution is going to work out and everything but I am officially ready to start.
I want to do a line based on sharks. Once again not quite sure how this is going to go down, I just know that it will. Its too soon to say. Imma work it out though.
I’m quite convinced that this will indeed be



Over the summer I went Etsy and YouTube berserk! I went knit and crochet crazy. Learned how to make bows and some beanies and things. One of the things that I really wanted to get into is fabric covered button earrings. I have a bunch of material that want to cover them with. I had the buttons, but I didn’t have the little doohickey earring post. It took me for ever to find them. . .  and took just as long for them to get to me.

The wait is over they have finally arrived. I was so excited I made three pair so far. Don’t really have enough time on my hands with school and the what nots to keep going, but gosh darn it I will! I used some Ankara fabrics. Its a batik. I really like it. I guess I can sell them like the bows. I have one more thats not in the pic so use your imagination!

Crapy picture, but thats what I get for taking it with my phone!