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Cutting fabric

e l o d i s i



In process of cutting the fabric! A little sneak peak of what you can expect!

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Im Ready?

I dont wanna spill the beans or anything but I think I got this now. 15 pieces total! at first I was nervous about it, but now I think I got a handle on it. Just got finish this quarter with out pulling out any hair and I think I can do this. Next quarter is the one I’ve been waiting on and I’m ready to get started and be done with it all. Got my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. I believe in myself and my team and think we got this. 2013 is gonna be my year! . .  I’ll share it of course but more mine than anyone else  ;D


I thought this whole time that i was making post. i guess not. her are the last one that i have worked on. im gonna get my life together so that i can figure things out.ImageImage

In Wonderland

Christin Disi

We are inspired by Dorothea Tanning’s Birthday. The clothing that she is wearing is very interesting, but we are more intrigued with the doors. The write up said  “The open doorways may represent stages of development Tanning had already experienced or those yet to come:”

We want to bring in volume or repetition.  Both Galliano and McQueenuse similar techniques in their garments.

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You wanna get in my pants!??

For the interconnected project we decided to go for a design that was completely ridiculous. Once we read over all the requirments we decided to use tarp as our industrial fabric and we knew we wanted to use hula hoops. We went for a fisher pant look with the hula hoop being the top and open so one size fits all. I recently saw the play 1984 based on the book 1984 and it inspired us to have the feet connecteing front to back so that it gives that uniform look and order while looking completely fun and not at all strict. 

Our concept for getting people into our project was the catch phrase, “would you like to get in our pants?” Combined with trying to make being in our pants a fun experience. We want to do dances such as cupid shuffle and a conga line ad just let people have a good time and enjoy being in our pants.

For the collaborating we both came up with the design and splited the patterned of the pants and feet between the two of us, and the sewing as well. Overall it was a great experience and our interconnected garment ended up connecting people with us in a dance and attempting to walk experience. 




Knit Sweater

My inspiration was a print from Elza Sunderland. In the painting I saw lots of movement and whimsy. It made me want to try to create something that moved and was light and airy.



Going on with the assignment was a struggle. Not too many of the structure we learned were light and airy. In the end I went along with knitting and learning to use the knitting machine. I can’t say that I have conquered it completely, but it sure didn’t get the best of me! My new challenge was figuring out a pattern that looked similar to what I had in mind.






I made child’s 4T sweater for two reasons. 1 I was too scared to make a huge sweater that could possibly look horrible and 2 because I had know idea how long it was going to take me to finish. I spent a lot of time trying to understand how to use the machine and how to decipher the instructions. All in all things went well.






The only things that needs to be fixed will be corrected with time. As I continue to use the machine and gain the know how and techniques. Things will get better.

School/ No School

I wanna go back to school. . .  . Although I know for a fact 7 weeks in I will be pulling my hair out! 



That is all!!!

My Final Dress and stuff

Oh I am beyond happy i got this this over and done with. My dress fits awesome. I’m at a loss of words!!!

May Be

Okay so maybe just may be I didn’t fudge it up after all. A size 8 just isn’t a size 8 isn’t a size 8 as Dr. Davis informed me. Its just not what it used to be. That whole time I thought I fudged up a lot, but it was just a little.
Oh well time to learn something new. Going to have a cyanotype (spell check) work shop. Pretty darn excited. Might use it to make my dress. Only if its pretty of course. Or just use it for myself.


I plan to make a sort of mock turtleneck princess seam dress. I got the idea from the Mr. and Mrs. Tea Pot sculptures. Mrs. Tea Pot looked as if she was wearing a turtle neck. She was very shapely so I decided to go for something for a more shapely figure. I also was inspired by the yellow tea set at the entrance. I like the the way the color looks. It looks as if it was sponged on.
I plan on using
pg. 55 – Combining the bodice and the skirt
pg. 200 – Princess Armhole
pg. 239 – Built – Up Funnel Neck
pg. 282 – Basic A-Line Skirt or
pg. 293 – Circle Skirt or
pg. 310 – Six Gore Skirt
These are the inspiration pictures.
This is a little something i came up with. I just used 2 random colors to show the two different sections i havent really decided which fabrics go where just yet .
I cant wait to get started!!!!